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Introduction and Instructions

Welcome Ali, Blaine, Charley, Courtney, George, Jordan, Kevin, Nuno, Selena and Wojtek.

In three days, you ten are going to embark on an adventure to win the heir to the childless King's throne. But before that begins, I will explain the instructions.
As you know, Julia and I are the wizards that look over everything. Whenever an event happens, such as a death, we will make an announcement to everyone.
The first thing to explain is the point system. Everyone has Hit Points. If you enter battle with another person and are hit, you will lose hit points by 10s or higher, depending on how strong the attack is.
You also have points for Attack and Defense. Your starting points will be determined by your class and alignment. You can have a total of 10 points each.
Good starts with 2 Attack, 4 Defense and 80 Hit Points.
Neutral starts with 2 Attack, 2 Defense and 100 Hit Points.
Evil starts with 4 Attack, 2 Defense and 80 Hit Points.
Classes also impact points.
Fighters start with 1 extra Attack. Wizards with 1 extra Defense. Rogues with 10 extra Hit Points.
Now here's where the quests come into play...
When the game begins, you will have to pick from ten parchments a quest. You will not know it until you pick it, but you are obligated to complete it.
You will be given a flash game based on the quest, and to complete the quest you must score higher than an averaged score that only the hosts know. If you fail to submit or score lower than the averaged score, you will fail the quest and die.
Completing the quest will give you three points, which you can use to bring up your Attack, Defense or Hit Points (By ten each per point).
While going on the quest, you will be following a map. You can go anywhere on the map, and look for other people to fight if you wish. If you find another person, you must tell me that you want to fight them. Then you must message me your fighting strategy.
Each class has their own fighting skills, which you will be told privately. But for a fighting strategy, you would message me six moves, example:
Swing sword
Step back
Block with shield
Lunge forward
Swing sword
And those six moves will loop until someone is killed. Then it will be announced who died, but the killer will not be revealed.
That is all for now. You may rest for the night, brave adventurers...
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