The Quest for Royalty 1
Season 1
Winner Wojtek
Runner(s)-up Kevin
Opening Sequence
Series Chronology
Next Season TBD

The Quest for Royalty 1 is the first adventure of The Quest for Royalty.


Lpwizard Danielle
Luke Danielle/Julia


The King of the land is looking for an heir to the throne, and ten people will be given the chance to take on a quest to be the last one living. Last one alive wins heir to the throne.

Each will be given a sidequest to complete at the start, and playing challenges will give them upgrades that may prove useful, based on scores and classes. Based on these upgrades and what they already have, they will be able to battle to the death with other players they meet up with. If a day passes (Game time) and no one is dead, the two people closest to each other will be teleported to each other to fight.


Adventurer Class Alignment Fate
Deadnuno Nuno Wizard Evil Slain by Courtney
Day 1
Alidead Ali Wizard Evil Crushed by Ceiling
Day 1
Selenadead Selena Fighter Evil Crushed by Tower
Day 1
Deadgeorge George Wizard Evil Slain by Kevin
Day 2
Deadcesar Blaine Rogue Neutral Executed
Day 3
Deadcharley Charley Fighter Evil Burned
Day 5
Deadjordan Jordan Rogue Neutral Burned
Day 5
Deadcourtney Courtney Wizard Good Beaten
Day 7
Deadkevin Kevin Fighter Good Slain by Wojtek
Day 8
Wojtekqfr Wojtek Wizard Neutral Heir to Throne

Quest HistoryEdit

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